Rangula Ratnam Telugu movie review

Story: Vishnu(Raj Tarun) falls in love with Keerthi(Chitra Shukla). Vishnu is very close with his mother(Sithara). The happy life of Vishnu is disturbed when his mother passes away. How does he deal with his life after this and what happened to his love story forms the story.

Performances:Raj Tarun is good but could have done better in emotional scenes. Heroine Chitra Shukla is a good find and is cute and performed well. Priyadarshi’s comedy evokes good laughs throughout. Sithara is very good in mother’s role.

Technicalities:Music, Cinematography and editing are all decent and have nothing to rave about.

Story of the film is wafer thin. Screenplay is also nothing interesting and offers two twists which work only to an extent. Direction Sri Ranjani does an okay job and brings out a mediocre product. Annapurna Studios’ production values did not stand out. First half is plain but offer some entertainment thanks to Priyadarshi. Second half is also dry with some good moments here and there.

Verdict: A mediocre romantic drama which with nothing too good or bad to talk about.



Sketch tamil movie review

Story:Sketch(Vikram) and his friends do a job of repossessing cars whose owners have not payed dues. On one such occasion, Sketch and his gang lock horns with a local goon. What happens next forms the story.

Performances:After doing movies like I and Irumugan, this movie is a cakewalk for Vikram. He has performed with utter ease. Tamannah has a small role and doesn’t have much to do. Soori , RK Suresh, Sriman and others did their bit as required.

Technicalities:Music is the biggest plus point of the film as all the hero buildup scenes have been elevated a lot by Thaman’s bgm. Songs are also good but badly placed. Cinematography, editing and stunts are functional.

Story of the movie is very simple and wafer thin and it relies completely on Vikram’s screen presence and some mass moments. Director Vijay Chander has done an okay job. First half is mostly character introduction and not much into the story. Interval bang is decent and second half has some decent suspense elements. Climax comes up with a sudden twist and message which may not appeal to all.

Verdict: A Vikram show all the way paired with weak screenplay.


Thaana Serndha Kootam tamil movie review

Story:Nachinarrkiniyan(Surya) aspires to become a CBI officer but doesn’t get his job due to corruption and recommendations from others. He decides to form a team and fight the corrupt system. Is he successful or not forms the story.

Performances:Surya is at his best and rocks on screen with his energy levels and fun attitude. It’s a delight to watch him like that. Keerthy Suresh is good in her small role. Ramya Krishnan is very good in her role. Karthik, RJ Balaji, Sathyan,Thambi Ramaiah,Kalaiarasan and all other supporting actors did their bit as required.

Technicalities:Cinematography is good. Dialogues,artwork and costumes set the tone for 80’s backdrop. Music is a big asset. Sodakku song sets the screen on fire.

This movie is an official remake of Special 26 and follows the same story but changes in screenplay as per tamil flavour have been made along with a Vignesh Shivam touch to it. Vignesh has a special ability to deal stories with a light hearted approach. He repeats the same here and also delivers a good message at the same time in a non preachy way. Some bold political satires have also been made. Vignesh Shivan has excelled totally as a director by presenting Surya the way audience like him.

Verdict: A fun ride with vintage Surya back in form.


Jai Simha Telugu movie review

Story:Narasimha(Balakrishna) along with his new born move to Kumbakonam, Tamil Nadu to live a peaceful life. What is his past? Who is Gowri(Nayantara) and who are searching for him and why forms the story.

Performances:Balakrishna once again delivers a highly energetic performance. He is incredible in songs,fights and dialogue delivery. His steps in Ammukutty song will make audience go crazy. Nayanthara does a very good job. Other two heroines are okay. Prakash Raj is decent. Ashutosh Rana as main villain is menacing. Brahmanandam appears after a long time and is okay.

Technicalities:Camerawork is decent. Music and bgm by Chirrantan Bhatt are good. Fights are in typical Balayya style. Johnny master’s choreography for Ammukutty song is superb.

Story of the movie is too routine. Dialogues are okay but nowhere close to those in Legend and Simha. Screenplay and direction by K.S.Ravikumar is good and saves the otherwise routine film. First half is okay with a few good mass moments. Second half takes an emotional route and the climax emotionally connects with the audience to an extent which is the saving grace for the film. The movie has all that is expected in a Balayya film with an added emotional touch.

Verdict:A typical Balayya mark entertainer which is a treat for fans and a decent one time watch for the rest.


Agnyaathavasi Telugu movie review

Story: Govinda Bhargav(Boman Irani) and his younger son Moham Bhargav are murdered by enemies within company. How does Govinda Bhargav’s elder son Abhishikth Bhargav(Pawan Kalyan) avenge his father’s death and set things right in his company forms the story.

Performances: Pawan Kalyan is very good in action sequences. He hasn’t given his best in comedy and emotional sequences and goes overboard with his feminine expressions and antics which are usually a treat to his fans. Keerthy Suresh is okay and Anu Emmanuel looks beautiful but both are wasted in poorly written roles. Boman Irani, Khushboo, Rao Ramesh and Murli Sharma have done a good job. Aadi Pinisetty is superb in his small role and could have been given a meatier role.

Technicalities: Cinematography is superb and shows the entire movie in a very rich and stylish way. Anirudh’s music is superb and so is the bgm but the songs have not been choreographed well and have been placed badly. Editing could have been better as first half moves with a slow pace. Action sequences are superb and Pawan Kalyan rocked in it.

Story of the movie is routine and reminds us of several movies including Attarintiki Daredi. Since a routine story is picked, we atleast expect a good and entertaining screenplay but even the screenplay has not been dealt properly. First half is slow and filled with uninteresting comedy and silly love portions. Interval point and post interval flashback are good. Few comedy scenes in second half and Kodaka Koteshwara Rao episode are good. But even the second half has some silly and unwanted scenes. Climax is stretched and last shot of the movie on Aadi Pinisetty is too silly. Also there are too many inexcusable logical blunders in the movie. We get a feeling that Trivikram Srinivas has taken the audience for granted. Dialogues lack the usual punch from Trivikram. One feels shocked to see such a poor writing from Trivikram for this movie. Hope he makes a strong comeback next time.

Verdict: Agnyaathavasi is an average revenge drama with a decent second half and some comedy episodes working here and there.

Rating: 3/5

Okka Kshanam telugu movie review

Story:Jeeva(Allu Sirish) and Surbhi(Jyotsna) are in love and they are shocked to know that the same incidents which happened in their lives have happened in the lives of another couple and has claimed the life of one of them. How do Jeeva and Jyotsna stop destiny from destroying their lives forms the story.

Performances:Allu Sirish has improved and does a decent job. Surbhi is cute and does well. Praveen is good in his role. Dasari Arun Kumar is good as the villain. Srinivas Avasarala is good and Seerat Kapoor is okay.

Technicalities: Cinematography and music are decent. Editing could have been better as first half is a bit lengthy with a few unwanted scenes.

Story of the movie is fresh and deals with the concept of parallel life which was never talked about before. VI Anand once again comes with a tight and interesting screenplay filled with twists and turns. He knows exactly how to add the necessary commercial elements along with a fresh concept. He is a director to look forward to in the future.

Verdict:A fresh and interesting thriller which is definitely worth a watch.


Hello telugu movie review

Story:Avinash/Seenu(Akhil) likes Priya/Junnu(Kalyani) since childhood when she went missing and is waiting for her. Will destiny lead them to each other again forms the story.

Performances:Akhil has improved a lot with emoting and subtlety. He is superb in dances and fights as expected. Kalyani Priyadarshan is too cute and performed very well and shares an excellent chemistry with Akhil. Jagapathi Babu and Ramya Krishna did a wonderful and perfectly suit their roles.

Technicalities:Cinematography by PS Vinod and music by Anup Rubens are the life and soul of the film.

The story of the film is not something new but it’s the screenplay of Vikram Kumar which makes the film so novel and feel good. We,along with the hero become curious to meet the heroine somehow. The emotions have worked that well. Climax is heart touching. Though action scenes are superb, they are not needed in the film.

The movie is bound to do well in A centre’s and overseas and will have limited appeal in B and C centres.

Verdict:A truly feel good and heart touching love story which is a much watch for the wonderful pair and feel of the film.