Kaala tamil movie review

Story: Karikaalan/Kaala(Rajnikanth) is a resident of Dharavi slum in Mumbai. He is a leader or so called "DON" in his area and people act as per his instructions in their area. A local politician Haridev Abhyankar(Nana Patekar) eyes the land occupied by the slum and wants to use his evil ways to own that land... Continue Reading →


Irumbuthirai tamil movie review

Story:Kathiravan(Vishal) is an army major. He takes loan from a bank for his sister's marriage using illegal documents. Soon his money is lost from his bank account. How was his money stolen and how does Vishal discover the huge digital world mafia and it's don White Devil aka Satyamoorthi(Arjun) forms the story. Performances:Vishal does his... Continue Reading →

Bharat Ane Nenu telugu movie review

Story:Due to unavoidable circumstances, London return Bharat(Mahesh Babu) is appointed as the new chief minister of Andhra Pradesh. How does he overcome the challenges he faces and how does he try to bring a change among the people and politicians forms the story. Performances: This is undoubtedly one of the best performances in Mahesh Babu's... Continue Reading →

Rangasthalam telugu movie review

Story: Chittibabu(Ram Charan) is partially deaf. His village Rangasthalam has been ruled by their president(Jagapathi Babu) unanimously for the past 30 years. Chittibabu's brother Kumar Babu comes to know about the atrocities of the president and starts opposing him and files nomination against him for president post. How does Chittibabu encounter the problems following this... Continue Reading →

Ye Manthram Vesave telugu movie review

Story:Nikky/Nikhil(Vijay Deverakonda) is a video game addict and also an online playboy. One day, he comes across Rags(Shivani Singh) online and she challenges him to find her in reality. Nikky takes up the challenge. How does he find her and what problems does he encounter in that process forms the story. Performances: This movie was... Continue Reading →

Rangula Ratnam Telugu movie review

Story: Vishnu(Raj Tarun) falls in love with Keerthi(Chitra Shukla). Vishnu is very close with his mother(Sithara). The happy life of Vishnu is disturbed when his mother passes away. How does he deal with his life after this and what happened to his love story forms the story. Performances:Raj Tarun is good but could have done... Continue Reading →

Sketch tamil movie review

Story:Sketch(Vikram) and his friends do a job of repossessing cars whose owners have not payed dues. On one such occasion, Sketch and his gang lock horns with a local goon. What happens next forms the story. Performances:After doing movies like I and Irumugan, this movie is a cakewalk for Vikram. He has performed with utter... Continue Reading →

Thaana Serndha Kootam tamil movie review

Story:Nachinarrkiniyan(Surya) aspires to become a CBI officer but doesn't get his job due to corruption and recommendations from others. He decides to form a team and fight the corrupt system. Is he successful or not forms the story. Performances:Surya is at his best and rocks on screen with his energy levels and fun attitude. It's... Continue Reading →

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