Duvvada Jagannadham telugu movie review 

Story:Duvvada Jagannadham (Allu Arjun) belongs to a Brahmin catering family. He is innocent and cheerful among his family members. DJ(Allu Arjun) is killing criminals secretly without letting his family know anything. DJ’s uncle commits suicide due to a company called Agri Diamond. What is that company , who is behind it and how does DJ put an end to them is the story.

Performances: Allu Arjun is in terrific form. He is highly energetic ut couldn’t match NTR’S performance in Adhurs. His dances are also not up to what we expect. But still, he did a great job. Pooja Hegde is the main attraction in the movie. She is drop dead gorgeous and will make guys go crazy. Rao Ramesh is at his usual best. All other actors have done their job well.

Technicalities: Cinematography to appreciable. Music and bgm are good by DSP. Others are all functional. Editing is okay.

The basic story of the movie is very routine and screenplay is also just about okay in the second half. First half is racy and has loads of entertainment. Second half begins on a highly predictable note but ends on a good note. Second half could have been even better with some good and fresh scenes. Harish Shankar does a safe job but more was expected from him.

Verdict: DJ is a typical commercial for with good amount of entertainment. Ignoring a slightly routine second half, this movie is definitely worth a watch .

Rating :3.25/5


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